Accessibility and Event Tips

Wild Lights is truly a beautiful sight to behold, and we want to do what we can to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. Below are a few tips to help you prepare for your Wild Lights experience.

Outdoor Conditions

  • Please come dressed for the weather and don’t forget your warm footwear. Wild Lights is held in rain, snow or shine.
  • Even though the event is entirely outdoors, masks are required and we ask that you maintain 6’ distancing or more from other groups to help avoid crowding.
  • Access will be limited to specific pathways in the Zoo. The Wild Lights trail is paved but please be mindful of those around you and watch your step.
  • There is the possibility of rain, snow and/or ice on pathways.
  • The Wild Lights trail is one mile loop around the front half of the Detroit Zoo.
  • Printed maps will not be available. Please download/view the event map below.

Wagons, Strollers, Segways and Bicycles

  • Guests are welcome to bring their own wagons and strollers. However, these items will not be available for rent.
  • Segways, bicycles, and other self-propelled vehicles are not permitted at the Detroit Zoo.


  • Drop-off and Pick-up: If a member of your party has mobility limitations, there is a drop-off and pick-up up area in front of the main admission gates. Please follow the signs.
  • Wheelchairs and Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECV’s): We recommend that guests bring their own wheelchairs and electric scooters. A limited number of wheelchairs and electric scooters are available for rent at the Chrysler Main Train Station while quantities last. Wheelchairs are $10 and ECV’s are $28.

Special Needs

The Detroit Zoological Society is committed to accommodating individuals with diverse needs and learning abilities. We have a strong desire to be autism- and special needs-friendly, and hope all families have an enjoyable experience!

  • Sensory Support:  Wild Lights contains projection, bright lights, interaction with light and sound, and light with movement.  You may want to consider bringing these items to support a sensory-friendly experience:
    • Noise-reducing headphones or ear plugs
    • Sunglasses
    • Fidget tools
    • Weighted lap pad
  • Please download/view our sensory-friendly map of the Wild Lights trail.


  • All restrooms at the Detroit Zoo are equipped with an accessible stall and baby changing stations.
  • Family restrooms, identified on the (digital) map, will be accessible for the entire event.